With the largest engine on an underbone motorcycle to date, the Nouvo 135cc engine is accompanied by a die-cast aluminum DiASIL cylinder and Mikuni carburetor for a quick response, good performance and efficient fuel combustion.

As you revel in the agile handling that comes with perfect engineering, enjoy the comfort of the wide, double-stitched seating and expanded leg room provided by the extra-wide footboard exclusive to all Yamaha motorcycles.

Form and function come together and combine to form an outstanding piece of machinery where the Nouvo LC is concerned. This is the epitome of innovation's best qualities and the advanced technology Yamaha has to offer. What you get is elegant style and impeccable assembly to give every rider the ultimate two-wheel experience.

Dual Stunning Headlight
Two headlight decorated with blue line florescent to give away optimum light reflection and elegant style.

Rear lights with Flasher
Cutting-edge design with separate flasher cluster gives the rear lights a distinctively unique look.

Cutting-edge Meter Panel
First-of-its-kind electronic speedometer in a CVT model, with LCD odometer & temperature gauge and blue LED backlighting for outstanding visibility and a high sense of quality.

Tubeless Tires with 16� Cast Wheels
Tubeless tires fitted on cast wheels ensure ultimate safety and stability, and prevents rapid tire deflation in the event of a puncture.

Spacious Storage
Wider space under seat, you can keep your helmet with foolscap and accessory protection or other small items. Comes with inside closing for privacy.