The power unleashed by the Lagenda 110 Z guarantees you'll be at the forefront of style and innovative technology.

The ideal combination of style and performance, the Lagenda 110 Z is proof that you can improve on perfection. Its impressive features give you that extra edge you need to stay in front of the rest.

With sporty, stylish headlights that provide bags of style and additional safety for night travel, riding the Lagenda 110 Z is anything but routine with the feisty 110cc SOHC 4-stroke, air-cooled engine in action.

You might be a legend in your own mind, but the ergonomically designed seating profile ensures that long distance travel won't be a pain in the behind. If your destination is still a ways away, a quick glance at the rider-friendly meter panel swiftly lets you know the speed and fuel level remaining.


Sporty headlight for style

Meter Panel
Simple and elegant for easy meter panel reading.

Engine 110cc SOHC, 4 Lejang Sejukan Udara

Secure Key Switch
Key switch for additional security

New design protector with sound damper mesmerize.