Innovation and power were the names of the game when Yamaha came up with the FZ150i, featuring charm, style and its "naked European" lines.

The 150cc, 4-stroke, liquid cooled engine is the first in Malaysia to come with a fuel injection system. It's amazing that more motorcycle manufacturers don't adopt this technology considering it produces an appreciable surge of power and efficient combustion thanks to its optimum mix of fuel and air.

To keep up with the powerful engine performance, the DiASIL balancer enables efficient heat dispersal and reduction of detrimental tension. The monocross suspension serves to reduce the discomfort in the rear to provide the rider with exceptional bike control on the highway that is rarely seen with other motorcycles. The remarkable reduction in vibration makes for an outstandingly comfortable and enjoyable ride.

New Liquid-Cooled Engine
Newly-developed 150cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC for stable performance during high-speed long-distance journeys and an equally comfortable ride on city roads.

Fuel Injection
Powerful 150cc Engine complete with Fuel Injection system ensuring optimum fuel and air mixture resulting in the delivery of very smooth power and a high level of performance.

Disk Brake
2 pot callipers grip to enhance safety and stronger braking power.

Wheel Cast
Sporty cast wheels for stable and comfortable ride.

Sporty Headlight
New sporty headlights to enhance visibility.

Sporty design and style.

Delta Box
Available only in Yamaha 'Super Sports' models, framework which possess this optimum balance give comfortable and stable ride.

Monocross Suspension
Reduce excessive tremor in rear to give away control performance in extraordinary great road by smoother inversion.