The new Yamaha 135LC Power Unrivalled 4-stroke

Introducing the New Malaysia Yamaha 135LC, equipped with a unique 135cc liquid-cooled engine for amazing power. Other revolutionary specifications include: a lighter forged piston for a smoother ride and a patented DiaSil cylinder for efficient heat diffusion. This ensures a continual delivery of excellent performance with smooth acceleration whether at high or low speeds.

Turn up the style with its striking aerodynamic-shaped body and innovative 5 lamp front. Get equipped. The 135 LC is guaranteed to be all killer, no filler. An unbeatable combination that makes the most sense

Gear linkage
Sporty linked type shift pedal

Cast wheel & tubeless tyres
Light weight wheels for style and performance

Tail light
With smoked lens

Headlight with flasher
All new for a unique & distinctive styling.

135 cc liquid cooled, 4-valve engine
For outstanding power

BS carburetor with TPS (Throttle Positioning Sensor)
For smoother response.

Forged piston
For lower vibration and good response

DiASil cylinder
For excellent heat dissipation and better fuel efficiency