Embrace the power of the Smash Revo's 110cc 4-stroke SOHC engine today. With a practical approach to gear shifting that makes the process incredibly easy and convenient, it enables the rider to shift from neutral straight to fourth gear while the motorcycle is stationary.

With a Mikuni VM-18 carburetor that is often used in racing motorcycle and that provides more power to the Smash Revo than other standard 110cc engines, riding this swift little bike is an experience in nimble and trustworthy handling.

Space is never a premium for the Smash Revo thanks to the storage box located under the seat. Whether it's a tiny purse or a massive backpack filled with books, there's always space for it inside the 8-liter capacity box. Its assertive surge of power and incredible handling gains even more appeal when you consider its efficient fuel combustion and environmentally-friendly emission control mechanism.


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