This amazing bike proves you can have a ride that's both smooth and comfortable. The strength of its 120cc 4-stroke SOHC engine, coupled with the ultra-responsive Modenas' Advanced Camshaft System (MAC-s) technology that optimizes response time, provides a burst of acceleration you won't easily forget.

As if that isn't reason enough to contact us, the refined adjustment rate of the AV 2.0 carburetor smoothes acceleration, resulting in swift pickup. Its efficient rotating gear shift system enables smooth and easy transition between fourth and neutral gears, making the riding experience a true breeze to get into!

From its stylish "ducktail" rear wheel guard to the front panel that shows off its sporty yet modern profile, the Kriss 120 Sports E/F is truly an owner's pride and joy. The combination of style and ergonomic design, stellar performance and matchless power is sure to impress. Hop on and revel in the power at your fingertips!