The Mini Supersports Bike that's Super Hot

Combine an aggressive off-road-style design with cast aluminium wheels, and you have a sharp-looking supermotard machine. Add a powerful engine and a highly capable inverted front fork, and the popularity of Kawasaki’s KSR line becomes clear.
Joining the line-up in 2014 is the new KSR PRO. Equipped with a manual clutch, the KSR PRO adds even more fun to its nimble street riding performance, condensing the joy of riding into a compact mini-moto package.


Wide, raised handlebar and seat


The KSR PRO’s ergonomics were designed to put the rider in an ideal position to actively control the bike.

Wide, reinforced handlebar puts the rider in a fairly upright position. The widely spaced grips also make it easy for the rider to put steering input into the ’bars, facilitating supermotard-style riding.

Long, deeply padded seat gives a comfortable ride and allows riders to easily shift their position to accommodate supermotard-style riding.

Braced swingarm and single rear shock


Braced swingarm contributes to the KSR PRO’s excellent handling characteristics.

Single long-travel rear shock offers 125 mm of rear wheel travel and ensures excellent road-holding performance at the rear.

111 cm3 engine with strong low-end torque


The KSR PRO is powered by an air-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC 2-valve 111 cm3 single-cylinder engine. With engine’s strong low-end torque and a crisp throttle response, combined with the compact, nimble chassis, offers good sporty performance.