The Mini Supersports Bike that's Super Hot

The 2009 KSR-110 mini super sports bike is back and its super hot! The bold new graphics and cool colours will definitely make heads turn and eyes green with envy. The all new KACR (Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release) gentle kick starter brings the engine screaming to life in one smooth effortless motion. Put this hot mini into gear and rocket your pulse into overdrive.

Forward Fork 'Upside Down':

Balance for more superior control and best performance.

110cc Powerful Engine :

KSR powerful engine advantage with heavy accentuated excellence acceleration.

Back Stability Suspension 'Uni-trak':

Ensure secured operation for all ride types.

Graphic Strength:

Features a more 'sporty' aggressive and fashionable graphic design.

Easy KCAR to 'Kick Start' :

Simple and effective starter system.