The new ER-6n takes the key concepts of its highly acclaimed predecessor – Fun to ride. Easy to ride for a wide range of riders. Top-class styling – and brings them to the next level.

When the ER-6n first made its debut three years ago, it offered the market a unique combination of performance, accessibility and stunning good looks. More mature, the new ER-6n improves on this combination while maintaining the key character of its predecessor.

All-new double-pipe perimeter-style frame

The all-new double-pipe perimeter-style frame is a key component of the ER-6n’s identity. The new bodywork accentuates the frame, rather than hiding it. Double-pipe design of the new frame, made from high-tensile steel, contributes to the bike’s lightweight appearance.

More compact headlamp

More compact headlamp shroud is shorter front to back, and designed to make it look slimmer vertically as well – an image reinforced by the smoked instrument visor. Angular design of the stacked dual headlamp helps maintain the identity of the ER-6n while contributing to the sharp new street-fighter looks.

New instruments

The instrument cluster features an easier-to-read layout. Analogue-style tachometer uses white LED backlights for excellent visibility at night. The multi-function LCD screen has blue backlighting. New features include: remaining range, average/instant fuel consumption and the Economical Riding Indicator.

New swingarm

Following the lines of the frame and rear shock, the swingarm also features the new double-pipe design, complementing the design of the frame and contributing to the ER-6n’s high-quality appearance. The swingarm’s gull-arm style design on the right side enables the more aggressive angle of the muffler.

More torque in everyday range

Under-engine muffler with larger volume and revised internal construction delivers increased torque in the everyday range below 7,000 rpm. The increased performance facilitates control at lower rpm and contributes to the enhanced enjoyment of the new ER-6n.